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Préstamos para Construcción y Terrenos

With construction financing, it’s paramount to identify the right lending fit. We know our way around
bank financing and bridge construction loans. Maximum Lending enjoys long-standing relationships
with local lenders who can make fast decisions that benefits our clients.

  • Access to local commercial banks and Wall Street real estate funds
  • 72 hour pre-approval, 30-day close. Rates starting at 4.75250% (4.399% APR)
  • Developer financing up to $45 million; loan-to-cost (LTC) up to 75%
  • Residential construction financing for primary and second home up to $15 million
  • Commercial bridge-reposition loans up to $20 million with loan-to-values (LTVs) up to 65%

Vacant land loans available up to $10 million.

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