Maximum Lending

Construction and Land Loans

With construction financing, it’s paramount to identify the right lending fit. We know our way around
bank financing and bridge construction loans. Maximum Lending enjoys long-standing relationships
with local lenders who can make fast decisions that benefits our clients.

  • Access to local commercial banks and Wall Street real estate funds
  • 72 hour pre-approval, 30-day close. Rates starting at 4.75250% (4.399% APR)
  • Developer financing up to $45 million; loan-to-cost (LTC) up to 75%
  • Residential construction financing for primary and second home up to $15 million
  • Commercial bridge-reposition loans up to $20 million with loan-to-values (LTVs) up to 65%

Vacant land loans available up to $10 million.

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